Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

As exercise can be difficult for many clients recovering from surgery or treatment, Nicky will guide you through safe and effective exercises which can be done safely at home, helping with pain management and recovery. Pilates is excellent to help you regain mobility, strength and endurance as well as enhancing the mind body connection.

Side effects and psychological issues can all complicate the recovery process, and since osteoporosis is a concern many Pilate’s exercises can be modified and adapted.

You will benefit from improved lymphatic drainage, range of movement will increase and you will notice a reduction in swelling.  Emphasis is placed on deep breathing, and strengthening the mid back musculature, improving posture often impaired after breast surgery.

The emphasis in Pilates is minimal repetitions done with correct form. This is perfect for a client with Lymphedema risk or whose fatigue is limiting endurance. Nicky will work within your doctors or specialists guidelines and it is advisable to obtain a medical clearance form before beginning a strengthening programme.