Outstanding talented teacher. She introduced me to Pilates and helped me to progress at a very fast rate. She has excellent interpersonal skills including a kind and patient manner, together with a pleasing sense of humour.

John Lough

Nicky is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. But also responsible, being aware of her classes potential and limitations. An excellent communicator and motivator.

Dr Linda Chirrey

Recovering from a micro – discectomy lower back operation, Nicky’s ability to teach me in a patient and inspiring manner has started me on a journey that I hope to continue with enjoyment for decades to come .

Michael Hodges

Enormous benefit to be able to confidently refer patients to Nicky. Her approach to her clients is thorough, knowledgeable, organised and professional. All our patients’ feedback has been positive.

Mark D Rush DO and Emma Bailey, DO Reg Osteopaths

My husband and I have been attending Nicky’s classes for 3 years now. We find her to be pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and above all professional in her approach. She has also worked with our son whilst he was playing professional tennis on the world circuit.

Maureen and Nigel Thomas

I am a chartered Physiotherapist with 18 years’ experience and have referred many patients to Nicky over the years. I find her to be very professional, well presented and conscientious. I think Nicky’s dance training makes her an extremely disciplined teacher with significant emphasis on strength and progression.

Sarah Cameron, Charted Physiotherapist

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Nicky 2 years ago by my physiotherapist. I am lucky to be a fit and active person working as a tennis coach, which means that my fitness is very important to me. Her expertise and professionalism is without question, No other person has been able to help me maintain my high level of fitness with such ease.

Alison Allard, Tennis Coach

At the age of eighty, I accepted that I was much less supple than I had been as an inevitable sign of old age and nothing could be done. Nicky introduced me to Pilates and, Three years later I am still enjoying my weekly visits and I am not only more agile but the sessions give me a real sense of well-being….Nicky assured me that it is never too late to start Pilates– and she was right. I cannot recommend her services more highly.


What impresses me about Nicky is her knowledge and understanding. Recently I had an operation and after two weeks off I was ready to bounce back into my usual demanding class. Nicky gently and wisely suggested I attended the less strenuous class for a little while, providing yet another example of what a thoughtful teacher she is. Nicky is welcoming, approachsble and friendly, and her lessons are beautifully organised, with real shape and flow.

Marrion, 71 years young

Always punctual, professional, demonstrating good communication skills and is able to be flexible within sessions to meet class and individual needs. I no longer experience hip pain and my posture has greatly improved.

Joanna Johns, Senior Occupational Therapist

About two years ago it was my very good fortune to be introduced to Nicky, while working as a massage therapist. I have attended classes ever since, from which, I have felt huge and continued personal benefits in both strength and flexibility. More importantly I have been able to confidently refer clients of all ages and abilities, knowing that they will get an excellent, professional, bespoke exercise programme. I have absolutely no qualms in recommending Nicky Holmes!

Katie Parker, Massage Therapist