Our  coaches

Meet the  Coaches:

Our Yoga club is one of the best ones in LA, California… At our place, you’re always able to find an understanding and dedicated helper 

and guide within our lineup of professional Yoga coaches. All of them have numerous achievements and awards under their belt, and all 

of them have already helped hundreds of people to enter the realm of tranquility!

Gareth Davidson

Owner/Head Coach

Gareth discovered yoga in 2003, and practicing it quite literally saved his life! At that time he’s been caught right in the midst of a nearly decade-long battle with..

Lucy Beirdo


Lucy was born and raised in Orlando, FL. In 2008 she was introduced to the yoga for the first time. She’s been exposed to the Ashanti Yoga by a director…

Annie Hall


While Annie was born in the rural state of Wyoming, she then spent a big part of her life in an upbeat Chicago… She is sure that that was because of her…

Kevin Stevenson


Kevin was exposed to the world of yoga for the first time by stumbling upon an article about wakeboarding and the benefits of hot yoga. Having a prior…